In regards to sustainable home building.
We believe it is important to act responsibly with in our environment.
Here are some actions that Logstairways are taking:

Saw shavings are collected and given to local farmers for livestock bedding
Any wood scraps that can not be project applied are used to heat the workplace buildings and drive the Kiln.

We practice LEAN manufacturing.

Lisa Schneider has been office manager for Schneider Construction since its beginning in 1979. Lisa wears many hats. Among many other responsibilities, she is the estimator, drafting person, and is responsible for customer correspondence. She is the one whose friendly voice will greet you when you call Logstairways. Using CAD drawings and digital photos as design tools, she is able to take the guesswork out of translating customers' ideas to production of their unique stairway. Lisa has worked hands-on in the assembly of products and is familiar with all phases of the business. Her intimate knowledge of Logstairways products aids her in estimating costs, drafting blueprints, and communicating the need of customers to the shop for the layout of the finished product.

Logstairways: A Division of Schneider Construction

Quality, Craftsmanship, and Value


 Schneider's employees are an essential part of the business: responsible for preparing the log materials, cutting, sanding, fitting and drilling the log components. Each employee brings with him individual experiences that benefit the entire company and, ultimately, the customer.



Dan Schneider, President of Schneider Construction, started a residential construction and remodeling business in 1979 after working for general contractors in concrete work and residential building. He has taken courses in basic woodworking, welding, blueprint reading, and drafting. He has also completed specific log technique courses on scribing, log identification, Henrick Anderson Full Scribe Methods, and Pat Wolfe's basic scribing. Dan has experience building log homes for several different log home manufacturers in full scribe, full log, and half log styles. In 1997, he began assembling log stairways in his shop to sell to log home builders and owners. He has expanded the list of products built in shop and shipped nationwide to commercial buyers to include log gazebos, scribed truss systems, and timber frame units.

Dan is a true craftsman. His vision is to create structures that are works of art, yet have purpose, function, strength, and durability--outlasting their maker. Dan has let time hone his skills so that he is able to use all the old-school tools and blend them with the new to create time-honored joinery, all while responding to the needs of today's customer.