Curved Stair Design

Basement well opening curved railing
This Full Scribe Curve had custom iron rails
During installation of the  curved steps with the addition of ostrich newel post

The curve step craftsmen
The railings connect to the stair stringer
The hand curved railing glides around the wall
Our curved or arched stairs add a dramatic twist to an ordinary stairway. Our craftsmen accomplish this distinctive design by shaping full log stringers to bend to almost any radius . In turn each unique half log tread is hand coped or notched onto the log stringers. The pine handrail system gracefully matches the curvature of the stairway, with an option of baluster selections. The curve is also offered in the mortise and tendon style with the curved stringers along the sides of the treads. Either way they add dramatic appeal to your entry.



The curved stairway makes a grand entry 
This Mortise and Tendon Curve made a dramatic entry 
Radial curve stringers

different landings can be incorporated for any floor plan design