Metal brackets rather than floor joist extension supports the log stringers

This is an example of a full log end scribed log stair
This is a full scribe with only one stringer
Making the turn with a log landing
Wrought iron balustrades along the coped log stair and loft walkway
In a full scribe staircase design, the stringers are full 10" to 12" pine logs the treads are coped or scribed unto the stringers. This cope is done by hand to match the unique contour of each and every tread. The tread profile is visible from the side view. The full scribe stairwell gives you several options of varying tread length adding character and appeal. The full scribe staircase is assembled in the shop and disassembled for  shipping. 

Pie or triangular shaped landings save space

Log style landing
Landing  supported by walls and corner post

different landings can be incorporated for any floor plan design

Basement recreation room stair angle rails tie into ceiling
Full scribe stairwell with well opening railings below 
A log gate can be incorporated to the rail system



This landing being constructed at the shop has a dual approach to the landing


Full Scribe Stair Design

Extra wide entry to log cabin with a slight flare