Mortise and Tendon Stair Design

Spiral landing is flush with floor

Pie or triangular shaped landings save space

Curved landings add lots of character

Log style landing
Angular Box type landing approach from both sides

different landings can be incorporated for any floor plan design

Open area below for storage or other neat  things

Makes for a natural exterior stairway too.
The open risers of the mortise and tendon stairway meets with building code
Mortise and Tendon stringers are visible from side
Well opening railing fit into stairway
Straight run mortise and tendon
Fitting tendon  to stair stringer
Stair making a turn with winders
In a mortise and tendon stairway design, the stringers are parallel half logs that hold the treads in place.  A mortise (hole or space) is cut into the stringers to exactly match the end of each individual stair tread. The tendon is the part of the stair tread that is inserted into the mortise. This joint is one of the oldest proven construction methods. This style of staircase is shipped to you fully assembled for easy installation.