Timber Mantel top

Truss in oak wood species

This 20' flared root center post is the support for this log spiral ascending 16' to an octagon lookout tower.

The handcrafted handrail is attached to each tread by three inset organic balustrades.


Matching log railings surround the octagon loft edges above with lap posts

forming the angles of the octagon.

The customers were terrific to work with providing us with templates for each angle in loft.

​Lake Tahoe area is the location of this beautiful spiral.

We were part a great project which features three of our stairways. A double spiral with twig style railings and log gate.

Along with two Full Scribe Style Stairways built from cedar logs and incorporated twig railings and wrought iron railings. We also provided the decorative mantle pieces as well as the kitchen pergola structure and corbel supports.

​Garden shed under construction

​Gazebo for a local airport display

Garden trellis used for weddings

Schneider Construction, Inc., had the opportunity to work on a very notable project for the Memphis, Tennessee Zoo. The Teton Trek exhibit is a replica of the Old Faithful Inn of Yellowstone Park. A year in the making, the finished 8000 square foot  structure houses a full service restaurant and seating area surrounded by grizzly, wolf, and elk exhibits.

The log components for the historic project using locally grown material cut and delivered by local loggers. The log trusses, railing systems, columns, and massive log stairway are the notable components of Schneider Construction’s craftsmanship in this historic installation.

At, the center of the replica are impressive 50’ x 26” diameter columns which highlight the structure’s massive scale. Logstairways.com shipped truck loads of handcrafted and pre-assembled components to be installed by Mayer Construction of Memphis. Schneider Construction was also hired for the drafting, construction, and installation of the custom 12’ high by 12’ wide  stairway and landing that accents the Inn’s southeast corner. The opportunity to replicate a building of this historical significance has been a labor of love for Schneider Construction, Inc. “To be considered for this type of historical project is a privilege and tribute to our time-honored craft.” says Schneider. “The original building at Yellowstone Park as always been an inspiration to me. I have visited it several times and appreciate that the zoo really pulled off the construction of this awesome replica.”.

To meet today’s commercial standards; the new structure was constructed of a steel shell and covered with logs to give the appearance of a full log structure.


Spring of 2013 we launched our first export to the United Kingdom. It was also the first in a new product line for Logstairways by Daniel Schneider Construction Inc. manufacturing an oak stairway. 

One of the enjoyable parts of our business is meeting new people and becoming part of their building experience. Our UK friends were very involved with the whole process and helpful and patient with metric conversions and exporting regulations.

The slide show to the left shows part of the process from selecting the right tree for harvesting and setting on it's path to becoming a beautifully manufactured stairway.

To see the rest of this project click on they circles below to advance the photos.

Here are some of the projects we have been working on

The making of  the curved stringer for a curved mortise and tenon stairway to be installed in upper Wisconsin.

The species of wood is oak. Each tread and riser is mortised into the stringer material.

The stringers are laminated solid oak material. 

The same customer that ordered the spiral staircase you see in the above photo wanted a matching dining table.

Under construction is what will become a rustic log table with flared root base.

The living edge slab table top is currently in the kiln being readied to be fitted to make a 120" x 44" table top.

Stay tuned for future photos of the table once completed.

​Mantel surrounds field stone fireplace

​Mantel  with log supports

​Rustic mantel top

Truss for a covered entryway

Truss during construction

Dressing up the front entry with a log porch

Garden Trellis
Porch Truss

not only stairways -  here are some other projects

Side ways glance at the top peak of an Oak Truss that is on the production floor. We making a series of four trusses with 10" x 10" timber supplied by the owner. The material were harvested from trees cut on his building site in Northern Wisconsin. The bottom chords are 17' 1" in length.

These combined trusses will be the structural supports for the great room with connecting purlins and ridge beams adjoining each truss.

Oak treads and risers, Staircase, custom steps


Curved Stairway, Oak Staircase