Log Spiral with 20' tall flared root base. Three balustrade per tread

  attaches the handcrafted handrail

Circular stair with dark stain

Spiral or circular stairwells are a great way to utilize limited floor space. The landings are custom fit to accommodate the stair rotation as well as fitting to your well opening shape.

We will help you through the stair design process to maximize your space and give you several handrail options to choose from.

Rounded handrailing around well opening of stair
During construction of rounded landing
Straight spindle  clockwise rotation
Double spiral with straight spindle design
Spiral with wrought iron spindle
 Roman Two handrail design


This flared root base  spiral fits

nicely within the rounded walls of the homes entryway.

Log Spiral stair in cedar with twig style railings
Spiraling steps around a flared root base with a arched twig railing gate
Spiral treads from the bottom up

Spiral Stair Designs

Double spirals have  one center-post

Triangle landing attaches to loft